The Battery Industry is Striving to Improve Lithium-Ion Battery Performance.

TRION Has A Breakthrough Solution!

TRION Energy Solutions Corp. is a battery technology company. Our mission is to initially deliver a 35% step-change improvement to the performance of Lithium-Ion batteries by resolving the challenges faced by competitors when adding Silicon to Graphite.

Demand For Lithium-Ion Batteries Is Exponential

The Global Market for Lithium-Ion batteries is forecast to more than quadruple between 2015 and 2026 to $80 Billion.

OVER 43%

The silicon anode market segment, which TRION is focused on, is projected to grow at an even faster CAGR of over 43% per year.


Benchmark Mineral Intelligence Megafactory Tracker forecasts manufacturing capacity will increase 10x between 2017 and 2027.


TRION’s SiMoGraph™ anode materials have the potential to become the favoured anode material in the global lithium-ion battery marketplace.

TRION’s Proprietary SiMoGraph™ Anode Material

A low-cost, scalable solution, that will work in multiple Lithium-Ion battery applications including, but not limited to:

TRION’s technology is engineered to address the limitations of Lithion-Ion batteries that are constraining the delivery of improved battery performance, that the world is demanding.

TRION’s Advancements

Over the past two years TRION has successfully increased the loading and the density of SiMoGraph™ to achieve industry standard specs while delivering significantly improved performance.


TRION is poised to introduce its disruptive, proprietary, SiMoGraph™ technology to the battery world.

Massive Demand

TRION’s technology has the potential to change the global battery landscape and lead to a massive increase in battery demand along with an equally impressive reduction in GHG emissions.
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