The Battery Show, 2021 North America TRION Presentation 

September 14, 2021

PRESENTED BY:  Vincent Chevrier, PhD, TRION’s CTO

Next-Generation Li-ion Battery Materials, Today. TRION is Taking Power to the Next Level.

TRION‘s proprietary SiMoGraph™ anode materials are engineered to deliver a step change increase in performance. The SiMoGraph™ portfolio of materials are designed to be low-cost, scalable, drop-in solutions aimed at multiple Lithium-ion battery applications including mobile phones, laptops, tablets, wearables, grid storage, drones and electric vehicles.

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence EV FEST 2021 Graphite V Silicon TRION Presentation

June 4, 2021

PRESENTED BY: Vincent Chevrier, PhD, TRION’s CTO

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Q3 2019 REVIEW – Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

Pages 37-40

Upon learning about TRION Energy Solutions’ patented, advanced Silicon/Graphite anode materials, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence – one of the world’s top market intelligence and price reporting agencies with a focus on lithium ion batteries, electric vehicle & energy storage supply chains, featured TRION in a Q&A article in their Q3 2019 Review magazine.

TRION’s Managing Director, Eric Leslie then introduced SiMoGraph™  – Tomorrow’s Energy Today! at the Benchmark Anode-Cathode Week Conference in California.